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Children & Nutrition Park

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Children Nutrition Park is a Unique Theme Park envisioned and inspired by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, which has been developed, as a part of Ekta Nagar Integrated Development. It provides a high quality entertainment and vital knowledge to the children on healthy eating habits and nutritional values based on the theme of “SAHI POSHAN DESH ROSHAN.” Entire park is designed and implemented for the benefits of the children and extensive use of state of the art technology is being made, which gives a fascinating experience to the children visiting the park.


Children Nutrition Park is constructed in close proximity to the Statue of Unity- World’s Tallest Statue and near Sardar Sarovar Dam in Ekta Nagar. The main feature of this park is the Nutri TrainThe train runs on a 600 meters long track and take children to various stations.


Nutri Train ride also has provision for differently abled children with space for wheelchair. The train starts from Ekta Junction station where the mascot of the park, Mangoshbhai welcomes them, briefing them about the park. Each station on the route is designed to make children aware of various facets of nutrition through infotainment.

The first Station on this route is aptly named “Phalshaka Griham.” This Station’s mascot is an animated friendly Indian farmer, named Kisaan Kumar, who appears in a hologram and speaks about agriculture, sowing, caring and harvesting.  There are games and communication panels here, which points at the importance of fresh vegetables and fruits, how they contribute various essential nutrients and also acts as immunity warrior.

The second station on this route is named ‘‘PayoNagari,” where a ten-year-old animated character Janardhan is the mascotHe appears on the screen and through a virtual assistant has a conversation with the children.  He gives answers to questions of children, entertaining them and informing them about importance of milk and milk products. Some very engaging games are part of PayoNagari Station such as “Feed the Cow”, “Churn The Butter”, “Cow Stands Out” and “Milk Story in a Hologram Box” which thus brighten up this place for children with entertainment and information.

After the second Station and before the third one, there is a long Experience Tunnel that showcases a fantasy farm with a light and sound show.

The third station is ‘Annapurna’ where a digital mascot – a Mother (Maa) welcomes children with a heart-warming and informative song through a Hologram projection.  This song conveys to children, the importance of home cooked food for great health.  Other than this, there are digital games like “Spice It Right” (a recipe-based video game) and “Plate It Right” (a touch table plating game) for children to enjoy.

The fourth Station on this route is ‘‘Poshan Puram.’’ The mascot at this station is a 11 year old girl child called Shakti.  She is a virtual promoter and welcomes the children and points out the two most important elements to complete the wholesome nutrition for our bodies, nuts-seeds and water. This station also has many animation films on nuts and Seeds and also a Story on water and hydration as a projection inside an artificial well.

The fifth and the last Station on the route is ‘‘Swastha Bharatam.” This station promotes importance of physical activity in daily life and features Yoga and concept of Guru Shishya Parampara in Indian sports field. This Station has many games like Virtual Tennis, Cricket, a fun filled dance platform, Ice hockey etc.


Other than the five stations there is another attraction called Mirror Maze building, which has a Unity Theatre that showcases a 5D movie named Bhartiya Thaali – Unity in Food Diversity. Located adjacent to the Children’s Nutrition Park, this provides excitement and wonder to the visitors through magic created by mirror positioning. This is targeted predominantly for the young visitors.

– Nutri Hunt Building and Game Zone are the other major attractions. Nutri hunt building consists of super fun and engaging activities for children like a Jungle Gym and Treasure Hunt. Gaming Zone has an exciting Zorb Ball Game, a Cycling Game and a unique Football Game. Other attractions include a Selfie Point for perfect photographs and a Nutri Café that serves the visitors only nutritious and healthy food.

The Children Nutrition Park is having locational advantage of being in proximity of Statue of Unity, a colossal monument and massive use of technology is a trend setter for theme based parks in the country.


Rujuta Diwekar, India’s leading nutritionist has helped and advised the Government of Gujarat in developing the contents of Children Nutrition Park and its various attributes. Waheeda Rehaman Ji, a veteran Indian actress, is also a part of this project and is playing the role of Mother with a heart-warming and informative song on a Hologram projection. This song is sung by iconic Indian playback singer Asha Bhosle Ji.

This unique theme park is the first of its kind in India and it is one of the major attraction for children and parents, not only from India but all around the world.

  • Location: Statue of Unity, Gujarat 393155, India
  • Operational Hours: 10:30 AM to 07:30 PM