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Temple of Mallinath

Girnar is one of two hills venerated by the Jain community of India. Girnar is situared under a 4000 feet high hill. It rises to a height of more than 600 meters, its five peaks crowned by 16 carved and sculptured marble shrines that embellish this illustrious hilltop temple city. The beautiful Jain temple of Mallinath is a strong attraction. Mallinath Temple in Girnar is also flanked by another famous temple named Neminath. There are Hindu temples as well. It is an abode of Hindu as well as Jain religions. The yearly Bhavnath fair devoted to Hindu Lord Shiva pulls thousands of people. Girnar is the famous pilgrimage centre for both Jains and Hindus and has been considered sacred since the 3rd century BC. Buses leave from Junagadh's local depot hourly, leaving passengers at the mountain base, from where five thousand uneven steps lead to the summit. The path climbs through eucalyptus forest before it becomes tortuous.

Highlights of the place

  • Facilities: Food stalls, washrooms
  • Best time to visit: Morning, afternoon & Evening
  • Recommended Hours: approximately 1.5 hrs
  • Best visited with family, friends, couples
  •  Pets not allowed